Email delivery is more than just a handshake. It's an important tool in maintaining long term relationships with your customers. The initial greeting should be accompanied by a detailed understanding of your customers needs. Focused email is critical to achieving and maintaining the "Inbox". Rowise Networks enables you to conduct effective email communication for both retention-based and new acquisition marketing campaigns.

Profile, Geographic & Behavioral. In order to distribute a focused campaign, data selection by various criteria are required. We give you the ability to create multiple targets that will filter based on any subscriber attribute.

Approval, Seeding & Delivery. Tools include a creative analysis system which provides detailed reports on creative display as well as spam filter scores for all the major spam filtering tools. We also provide for automatic seeding for campaigns and delivery results monitoring for the largest ISPs.

Rowise Networks leverages its relationships with major ISPs like AOL and Yahoo to whitelist clients in their networks. With the advent of "bot" networks, acquiring and maintaining a white list status is critical to maintaining delivery. Bonding and white listing open up delivery to over 35,000 ISPs.

Data Collection & Best Practices:
The adage garbage in = garbage out is 100 percent accurate in the email world. Data collection and address verification is probably the most overlooked aspect of a marketing process. We have processes and standards to help companies overcome the inherent process problems and conduct successful marketing campaigns.